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For IISc User

Internal Users: (IISc)

Dependent User

  • Dependent access will be given to users who have applied through FOM.
  • User is authorized to book slots during office hours only. Please contact FT 24hrs before booking the slot.
  • Slots will be done by the respective Facility Technologist (FT).
  • All INUP / external IISc users are dependent users.

Independent User

  • To become an independent user please apply for the Training through MNCF website.
  • Please refer to the Safety manual and training documents before appearing for the tool training sessions.
  • A confirmation email will be sent to all users who have applied for the training from respective bays.
  • All users must undergo tool training, practice slots and drive-in test to obtain Independent (Anytime) access.
  • Training Charges will apply for the training.
  • Independent (Any time access) is provided only if performance is satisfactory during the drive-in test.
  • Slot transfer is not allowed unless approved by FT.
  • Independent access to the tool can be revoked if any unauthorized activity is observed on the tool.