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  • Read essential documents
    • This General Usage Policy
    • Standard Operating Procedure (SOPs) for each piece of equipment that you use. These documents change from time to time, and the MNCF technical staff will try to notify users of changes to these SOPs, but users are ultimately responsible for ensuring compliance with all lab policies.
    • Trained users of equipment are required to go through the manuals (besides the SOP) of the respective equipment in consultation with the equipment owner and ensure appropriate handling of the equipment in absence of technical staff.
  • Show Responsibility
    Each user must follow at least the following minimum guidelines, or be subject to consequences (please see the next page), potentially including expulsion from the lab.
    • Tailgating an authorized person entering MNCF facility is strictly prohibited. Users are not permitted to share their access authentication with any other student or user for letting him/her enter the lab.
    • Please leave food and drinks outside MNCF as spilled drinks and food crumbs can ruin the hardware and are fatal to sensitive equipment.
    • Please keep the lab clean (e.g. refrain from touching the monitor screens, equipment user interface screens and leaving papers everywhere).
    • Lab Users are not allowed to use mobile phones in proximity of the equipment. However, as per present policy, they are not banned from carrying their phones inside the facility. The users must move out to the corridor of Facility for making emergency phone calls or receiving calls. The equipment proper functioning requires minimum EMI in the surrounding which is endangered by presence of mobile phones in the lab.
    • Lab Users may not view, print, or use as a desktop background or screen saver any indecent or disgusting material. Such activities qualify as “behavioral misconduct” because it makes other users in the facility uncomfortable.
    • You can only use equipment if you are qualified as an independent user. Using or even attempting to use equipment without having been qualified for the same will make you a defaulter and disciplinary action may be taken against you as per usage policy agreement.
    • Fill out the log for all equipment that you use. Do not use a piece of equipment without first reserving it with the online reservation system.
    • No tampering with MNCF equipment.
    • Leave all equipment in the same condition as it was found or better. If you find equipment/its accessories were left in inappropriate condition by the previous user then report to technical staff immediately and log all faults in the equipment log books (/soft log books available on each equipment interface Computer) to inform all other users.
    • Do not be afraid to inform the users if you have broken anything while carrying out your experiment by mistake.
    • If you move something from working space of equipment, return it to its original position without fail.
    • All users must clean up equipment work place after every use.
    • Refrain from spending time in the corridor if you are not waiting for your next slot nor have an appointment with technical staff. Do not visit the lab just for the sake of it. DO NOT utilize the lab space as library (for reading, browsing etc). You have appropriate places for these activities.
    • Users are not supposed to SLEEP in the lab especially when you have slots in late night.
    • Any questions or uncertainties/ interpretation of the lab usage policy should be first directed to any of the facility technologists/ equipment technologists. If they cannot be found, you can go to the Technology Managers.
    • Ensure that you place shoe covers (placed near the main door of MNCF) over your footwear before entering a bay. At the time of leaving MNCF kindly place the used shoe covers in the designated bin for used shoe-covers. Not following this protocol can make the users as defaulters in the lab.
    • No activities that disrupt other users in MNCF.
    • No sharing of user accounts.
  • Respect
    • Treat all of the equipment and experiments in the lab as if they are your own. Do not dispose of or dismantle an experiment/equipment without first checking with a member of the lab staff.
    • If you do not know how to use a piece of equipment, get trained before trying to figure it out on your own. There is the customized procedure for getting trained on each equipment and authorization is a must from respective equipment owner.
    • If you observe someone failing to follow these guidelines, please help them in a kind manner to understand the correct lab policy, or report infractions immediately to lab staff.
    • Report any potential safety hazards to a member of the lab staff.
  • Declaration
    • I have read and will follow the policies outlined in this document.
    • I understand that failure to follow these policies may endanger the entire lab environment and a serious violation will result in loss of lab privileges.
    • I understand that I will be held responsible for any damage caused if I fail to follow these policies.
    • I agree to acknowledge MNCF in all publications/presentations/thesis/technical documents that involve work in MNCF. The text of acknowledgment must be “This work/part of this work was carried out at Micro and Nano Characterization Facility (MNCF) located at CeNSE, IISc Bengaluru, funded by NPMAS-DRDO and MCIT, MeitY, Government of India.”