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  • How to get access to the characterization facility?
    Register to get biometric access
    Biometric access is required to enter the facility for which the student needs to fill a form. This automatically sends a mail to his supervisor with two links- approval or disapproval. (Email sent to the supervisor is from his student’s institute email id and not from cense id).
  • How to know whether biometric access is approved?
    The student needs to check the status in the biometric link. Select the option “Already you have a biometric number” and give department email id. At the end of the application form, check the approval status of the faculty and In-charge. If both are approved, get the process done at cense office.
    Register through FOM as a new user with a department email id and valid debit head.
  • How to book a slot for the equipment to be used?
    a) Once registration is complete, choose instruments under MNCF. Read the policies and agree with its content.
    b) The student will receive an acknowledgment and approval notification from FOM, after which he can book the slots
    c) Maximum time allowed for a slot is 1 hour. However if you want to use an equipment for more than an hour, you can book multiple slots
    d) All dependent users must select “Manager Assistant Required” while booking the slots
    e) Independent users who need FT help, please select this “Manager Assistant Required” option, while booking the slots
    f) Independent users should not submit the samples to FT for analysis. Doing so, will avail penalty points
  • Is there a user manual for FOM available?
    User manual is available here
  • How do I know what equipments are available?
    Two options are available. Either you can log onto FOM using your user name and password or visit
  • Where can I find the specifications of the equipment?, select Facilities or contact Facility Technologists (2293 3181 Ext 134 (Optical) 135 (Material) 136 (Mechanical) 137 (Electrical) 133 (TEM)
  • Should I remove my shoes?
    No, you need not remove your shoes. There are shoe covers, which are kept inside a green bin. You can wear shoe covers over your shoes/slippers. Before leaving the facility, remove the shoe covers and put it in the black bin.
  • How do you know whether a user who has booked the slot is using the equipment?
    Before using the equipment, it is MANDATORY to log ON through FOM. A computer is available in the lobby of the facility. It is MANDATORY to log OFF once you finish your analysis.
  • Is there a limitation in total reservation time in a day by a single user?
    There is no limitation for Probe station 4 and FIB. However, there are limitations ranging from 3 hrs (XRD 4 circle) to 4 hrs (AFM, XPS)
  • Can I cancel the slot anytime?
    a) Cancellation can be done eight hour before the reserved time. However, no cancellation is allowed within eight hour before reserved start time. If you need to cancel within 8 hrs, then fill the form provided in the link
    Valid reasons should be provided while requesting for cancellation. Helps us to decide whether to charge or not

    b) Slot booking and cancelling is not staff’s responsibility. You need to do it yourself
  • Will I be charged if I cancel the slots?
    No fee applied when you cancel before eight hours from reserved start time.
  • What happens if I cannot use the reserved slot time?
    The slot gets automatically cancelled after 15 min of reserved start time and the slot is open for others to use. However, you will be charged for no show.
  • What is express logon?
    Reservations are open on an hour-by-hour basis. If the equipment is free within the hour, one can use express logon to book the slot and use the equipment.
  • What happens if the user forgets to log OFF?
    If the user forgets to log OFF, system automatically logs OFF after 15 mins of end of reserved time. The next user after your reserved time can also log you OFF. If there are no users after your reserved time, the system will be open for others to book. We do not get a reliable usage statistics if user forgets to log OFF and hence please log OFF without fail.
  • How are the charges calculated?
    a. The charges are calculated based on earlier or actual reserved time to later or actual reserved time. This is why log OFF is mandatory.

    b. Since Jan 2018, there is a change in the pricing structure for dependent/ independent users. Independent user’s charge will be less compared to the dependent user.
  • Is approval required to use the slot?
    Approval is not required (Except TEM) but the facility technologist has the right to cancel slots, if details about the sample are not provided in the comment section while booking the slot.
  • How can I become an independent user?
    Trainings are conducted by the facility technologist on a weekly to monthly basis based on the various equipments. Contact respective facility technologist for the trainings and practice sessions. If you have any issues reg. training, contact the manager or register your concerns in this link
  • What is the duration of training period?
    Training period varies according to the equipment and user capabilities. Contact respective facility technologist.
  • What happens when the user is inactive?
    User access is suspended after 90 days of inactivity.
  • How to get the access reactivated?
    Register in the weblink
  • How to improve the facility?
    Voice your concern at this link . Bimonthly feedback updates will be sent to all the users of the facility. Help us to improve the facility.
  • How to process the invoice?
    a. Every month (mostly first week), you will receive the invoice for the previous month usage. Users need to get a signature and seal from the corresponding professor with date and submit it to MNCF office within a week.
  • Whom should I contact, if there are any billing issues?
    Voice your concern at this link
  • How do I access FOM?
    FOM should be accessed using the computer located in the entrance area. Please make sure that you don’t save your password in the computer itself